Dispatch from Guadalupe National Park

We are well on our way in our 2015 travel adventure, we’ll be going to Alaska again… and once again doing it “the LONG way”. Shortly after Christmas we made our way quickly down the east coast from New England, visiting many great locations on our way to Florida: Twin Lakes Recreation Area in North Carolina, Lake Sinclair Campground (part of Oconee National Forest) in South Carolina, Camel Lake Campground in the Apalachicola National Forest in Florida, Little Talbot Island State Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida and Lake Griffin State Park in central Florida.

Ric is working on videos about the parks and has posted a few as of this date (Lake Sinclair and Camel Lake) He will add more in the future. Here is a link to his YouTube videos: Ric’sYouTube Videos

After visiting with family and friends, we moved on across the southern tier toward the southwest. We had a great time taking a few extra days exploring the bayou ecosystem at Tickfaw State Park in Louisianna – other than that it has just been one night at a time, either at a State Park or a well-placed WalMart.

Now we are reaching our southwest snowbird stomping grounds and can slow it down a bit for a few months. Ahhhhhhh.

Today we drove from our Walmart stopover in Fort Stockton on I-10 to Van Horn and then north on Rte 54 to Guadalupe National Park at the Pine Springs Campground. All the way we were treated to scenic western vistas straight out of a Louis L’Amour novel. Mountain range after mountain range… the Barilla and Apache ranges as we approached Van Horn, then the Sierra Diablo and the Delaware ranges as we traveled north on Rte. 54 toward Guadalupe. Sorry for the slightly blurry focus – but we were moving!

Driving on Rte 54 north to Guadalupe

Driving on Rte 54 north to Guadalupe

Sierra Diablos along Rte 54 in Texas

Sierra Diablos along Rte 54 in Texas

Delaware Mtns along Rte 54 in Texas

Delaware Mtns along Rte 54 in Texas

At the end of our journey “El Diablo” and the Guadalupe range loomed in the north. We plan to stay here for five days to do several hikes and immerse ourselves in this amazing environment. Our tentative plans are to hike Devil’s Hall Trail tomorrow, and El Capitan and Salt Basin Overlook trails on Thursday (together). Ric will do a solo hike up the steeper Guadalupe Peak Trail on Friday. (Steep trails are not exactly Linda’s thing – she will be at the RV bottling the Florida Gold Porter!) Looks like awesome weather forecast for all the days we are here. Great hiking weather!

Approaching El Capitan

Approaching El Capitan and Guadalupe National Park

We have a surprisingly reasonable internet connection here at Guadalupe – so we should be able to make a few posts…

if we have enough energy left after hiking!!

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