BC on the Rebound

BC = “Bring Cash” so we made our way quickly through the province, seeing much beautiful farm country in the north, which then gave way to a desert environment near Cache Creek, and finished with mountains and the dramatic Fraser Canyon as we approached the US in the south. What an amazing variation in the terrain…

The scenery stays stunning as we enter British Columbia from the Yukon - this view from a rest area not far from the line.

Tinta Gel Monument

Tinta Gel Monument - Supposedly a stone from the Castle where King Arthur was born!

British Columbia Farm Vista

British Columbia Farm Vista... mile after mile of hay, bound into round, rolled bales.

We were fortunate to have found space at several beautiful camping areas along the way…

Moose at Sawmill Point

Our early morning canoe trip rewarded us with a beautiful moose at Sawmill Point.

Moose splashing away

Moose splashing away... as he realizes there are some strange people in a canoe and getting too close for comfort..

Ric at Sawmill Point in canoe

Here's one of them...

One of the campsites presented us with a pretty unique situation with active train tracks, a river, and a highway in close proximity. But that didn’t prevent us from seeing a griz family…

Griz family

Griz family plies their way along the Fraser River in British Columbia as the trains rumble by above them.

Night Train

Night Train across the Fraser River in British Columbia. They were eerie and beautiful in the twilight.

We were very fortunate to have decided to camp here at Gold Pan Park. We were reluctant to have to pay for camping, but was late in the day. We came to find out later that there was a four hour back-up on the highway farther on due to a tractor trailer losing its load.

In the morning Ric discovered this jade boulder while he was out walking along the river bank.

That's Ric's Swiss Army knife on top of a huge rock of solid jade!

It is a beautiful province with interesting and varied flora and fauna…

Sage and rabbit brush in BC

This pocket of British Columbia is called "The Arizona of Canada" and has terrain and vegetation to prove it.

A beautiful place to see… but we were beginning to miss the USA

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One response to “BC on the Rebound

  1. Lovin’ it! This is inspiring me to try HARDER to carve some time out of the 301 other projects being alternately procrastinated and get some more of our pics and stories up. Great pictures– we can see that you’re hardcore and are fellow believers that THAT… ONE… PERFECT… PICTURE is.. er.. sometimes more important, in the moment, than silly stuff like sleep and self-preservation. Again: lovin’ it. TTYS 🙂 luv, neph & crew

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