Back in the USA – Washington State

We made our crossing back into the USA and found our way to the Douglas Fir Campground in the National Forest area near Mt. Baker. It was an easy ride from the border and we were just about ready for a day of R & R. We found ourselves in an awe-inspiring and breathtaking old growth forest. The canopy over our campsite shut out much of the light and we found ourselves in a dim and subdued light long before the sun set.

Horshoe Bend Trail near Mt. Baker

Admiring the scenery along Horshoe Bend Trail near Mt. Baker.

Taking a walk on the Horshoe Bend trail, we felt like we had been transported into the movie Avatar… surrounded by lush, old-growth forest. We decided to spend an extra day there, just to relax  and absorb the energy of this place.

Linda on Horshoe Bend Trail

That's Linda ahead on the trail - gives you a feel for the "overstory" this forest has.

There were occasional peeks of Baker Mountain peaks.

Big leaf in the Pacific Northwest

Can you imagine the Maple Syrup from a tree that this monster grew on?

We half expected to see dragonflies with four foot wingspans… feeling like we were transported back to prehistoric times.

Mossy Fingers Pacific Northwest

Mossy Fingers in the Pacific Northwest forest.

Inukshuk garden

Inukshuk garden along Horshoe Bend trail and the Nooksak River in the Pacific Northwest.

This spider web caught a shaft of sun nicely as we rounded a bend - it's owner was not evident.


That's Ric's 5' staff - made from the desert Sotol cactus plant, leaning for scale against this toppled giant with younger trees growing right out of it.

Feeling renewed, the next day we headed south to Seattle to visit with Andrew and Ashley before heading east.

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