Alaskan Veterans Memorial

Tuesday, August 16, 2011, Day 77 – after leaving Denali, on our way to the Kenai we encountered a POW/MIA Rest area which was also the site of the Alaskan Veterans’ Monument. On a clear day, you can see McKinley (Denali) from its entrance.

Time for a break - and what an ideal place to stop!

Mt. Denali (aka McKinley)

Finally - the clouds part partially and briefly for view of Denali!

The Rest Area incorporates a “Medal of Honor Loop” with the Alaskan Veterans Memorial adjacent. The Memorial reads: “We dedicate this quiet place to the remembrance of the veterans of Alaska who have served their country at home and throughout the world. We honor their heroism and dedication.”

Alaska Veterans Monument Dedication

Within the memorial there are several interpretive signs that speak to Alaska's historical contribution to many of America's conflicts. This one speaks to American Aircraft being converted for Russia's use.

These service monoliths comprise the bulk of the Monument itself - they are very large and honor each of the service branches equally.

With Ric, having only shrunk a quarter inch or so from his original 6 feet, that makes the service monuments look about 15' or taller.

Despite it’s proximity to the highway, this place had an amazing aura of serenity about it and we were glad to have found it.

Next stop – Talkeetna – the small town with the big radio signal that we’ve been listening to for a couple of days.

No matter the community, we at least try to visit the local VFW or American Legion!

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  1. Francis J Elliott

    Hi Ric: Keep ’em coming !! I don’t know who else you’ve sent stuff to or who else is signed into your morgoblogocon, so I’ve taken the liberty of sending these out to the group and Jeanne. Hope that’s okay.

    Hello to Linda, and stay safe !

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