British Columbia Passage

The passage through British Columbia is somewhat of a blur… it had begun to rain with a determination that we hadn’t seen in a long time (since Danforth, Maine actually sometime last year!) Ric also began to think it was the moment in the trip when “everything began to break down”. The bike rack broke a weld, the back window of the RV leaked and we had a tire go soft all in the same days. Hopefully the “rule of threes” would apply to this series of unfortunate events…

Rainy Day in B.C.

Rainy Day inBritish Columbia

Nevertheless,  there was always something interesting to see… this beaver is 15 feet tall and sitting on a 19 foot log. You just don’t see that every day…

Big Beaver in Beaverlodge

Big Beaver in Beaverlodge, British Columbia

We over-nighted at Dawson Creek – boon-docking at a WalMart to save a little money (The Alberta Parks had cost us a bit more than we were used to paying !) In Dawson Creek the nearness of Alaska became real as we began our journey along the famous Alaska Highway (aka The “Alcan Highway). Here we are at the beginning of the Alaska Highway at Mile Marker “0”

Lin and Ric at "Mile 0" of the Alaska Highway

Lin and Ric standing in the rain at "Mile 0" of the Alaska Highway (Dawson Creek, BC)

From there we wove through the landscape in the rain… its still held its wonder even in the rainy cloudy weather that would be with us for the next few days. (We heard later that Dawson Creek got an obscene amount of rain.  So far we have been able to keep ahead of mother nature’s wrath.)

Lake Vista in BC on a Cloudy Day

Lake Vista in BC on a Cloudy Day

Muncho Lake Vista

Muncho Lake Vista

There is also much in the way of kitschy art along the highway. The Toad River Lodge has what can only be described as “installation art” a display of hats tacked on every conceivable surface area inside their café and gift shop…

Hat Installation Art at the Toad River Art in BC

Hat Installation Art at the Toad River Art in BC

There was also no shortage of wildlife along the roadside (and in the road of course)…

BC Bear

Roadside bear Feeding in the "Merge" of the Highway

The weather began to clear in the afternoon. We would make Watson Lake by mid afternoon. A fast run through BC, but we know there is more in store in the Yukon before we get to Alaska. One more province to go!!

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