Border Passage and Alberta

It felt like a milestone to pass through the border into Canada from Glacier National Park. It was a pretty uneventful crossing, although the paperwork and rigamarole involved in carrying a shotgun through Canada (with all the required paperwork filled out in advance mind you) added an extra 30 minutes and twenty-five dollars to the process.

border crossing

Crossing the Border from the US into Alberta, Canada

The border itself is marked with a stone obelisk as well as a wide swatch of clear cut land…

Border Marker and Cut Strip

Border Marker and Clear Cut Border Alley

We entered into Alberta, where the license plates proclaim it as the “wild rose” province… and there is, indeed, an abundance of wild roses especially at this time of year…

Wild Roses of Alberta

Wild Roses of Alberta

We soon came to believe that it should be called the “wild sheep in the road” province. These guys think that this is just one big salt lick and they are reluctant to give way to traffic more often than not (their kids are awfully cute though…

Road Sheep

Sheep in the Road on the Way to Banff

Lots of Sheep in the Road

Lots of Sheep in the Road

Kids on the Ledge

Kids on the Ledge Watch the Action on the Road

Banff National Park and nearby Jasper National Park are connected by the incredible “Icefields Highway”. The scenery throughout this entire region is amazing…

Icy Peak in Banff

Icy Peak in Banff

The town of Banff itself is picturesque and reminiscent of a village in Switzerland

Town of Banff in Alberta

Town of Banff in Alberta

The scenery along the Icefields Highway is (trying to find an appropriate word but failing) spectacular. It is listed in Conde-Naste as one of the top 10 most beautiful drives in the world and rightly so. It is a journey with remarkable vista after remarkable vista.

Scene Along the Icefields Highway

Scene Along the Icefields Highway

Further along Linda realized a dream come true to see the Athabasca Glacier. (yes it really was a dream come true… some people have pretty odd dreams). She also grooved on all the related glacial features in the landscape including glacial grooves, braided riverbeds and the milky white rivers loaded with ‘rock flour”.  We would continue onward to Jasper and overnight overnight at Snaring River campground. A few drops of rain began to fall just as well struck camp for the night. We would be on to British Columbia the next day.

Athabasca Glacier

The Mighty Athabasca Glacier... Shrinking Rapidly Towards Obscurity Due to Climate Change.

Milky Glacial Stream

Milky Glacial Stream along the Icefields Highway

Glacial Grooves

Glacial Grooves at Athabasca Glacier

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