Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks

June 22 (Day 27)-June 25 (Day 25) – Weds – June 22, traveled from Lake Fremont to Coulter Bay Campground in the Bridger/Teton National Forest. It was busier than we like it, however the July 4th summer crowds that cause major traffic jams each time a chipmunk crosses the road (affectionately known as “Stalkerazzi”) were not in full force. The Coulter Bay Campground is just north of Jackson Lake Lodge where Linda attended a painting seminar by the famous Canadian wild life artist Robert Bateman in the late-90’s so we were not complete strangers to the area. That was in late September and the crowds were non-existent and the critters were on the move. We have some great film pictures from that visit that need to be digitized when we’re too old to do anything else.

The Tetons from the North End of Jackson Lake

The following day (6/23/ we got an early start for Old Faithful in Yellowstone. On the way we saw many Elk, Buffalo and Antelope grazing in the distance – finally we came upon some right at the road side and did a little ““Stalkerazzi”” of our own!

Check out the winter coat on this guy! There's a good reason for that!

The reason the critters are still in winter clothes is that there is a lot of snow left at altitude - this is also making streams and rivers quite high - some hiking trails are even closed - for instance we were unable to hike the Two Ocean Lake trail.

We arrived at Old Faithful just in time for the 8:30 AM eruption – it was a beauty!

Ric and Old Faithful

Ric taking a picture of Old Faithful

The picture Ric took.

Then we walked the Geyser Hill trail that encircles Old Faithful seeing many cool (?) hot springs, fumaroles and other geysers, including Bee Hive – which shoots 180’-200’ into the air!

Bee Hive Gyser "venting" It shoots so high it wouldn't fit in the frame!

Thermophile Abstract in Yellowstone National Park

Linda took this "Thermophile Abstract" near Old Faithful

Then we spent come time at the Old Faithful Inn which is always impressive and where the phone reception was good so we checked our email while sipping coffee in incredibly sumptuous surroundings.  Back in 1959 there was a 7.5 earthquake causing damage which precluded us from going to the top level – but history has it that an orchestra used to play up there while couples danced on the four floors below.

Such beauty and 5 bar 3G too!

We then finished the “loop” putting in over a hundred sightseeing miles before the day ended.

Heart Pool Hydrothermal Spring at Yellowstone

Heart Pool Hydrothermal Spring at Yellowstone

Day 29 – June 24 – work needed to be done – bills needed to be paid – pictures needed to be optimized and blogs needed to be posted – but then it was time for “fun”!  We opted for an 8 mile hike from the Colter Bay Marina out beyond Heron Pond toward Hermitage Point, then back by Swan Lake – all under the bright watch of the Grand Tetons.

Near the end of an 8 miler - still going strong!

Aptly named "Heron Pond" - can you see the geese in the fore ground?

Channa’s Birthday – Day 30 of the Alaska Trip, June 25, 2011, we got an early start – a lot of tank empty, rinsing, refill water stuff to do and then on the road toward Montana – but first a stop at Black Sands Basin to inhale more sulphur!


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2 responses to “Grand Teton & Yellowstone National Parks

  1. Awesome! I love the thermophile abstract

  2. Anonymous

    Thnaks for sharing such great pixs and comments on your adventure!

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