Flaming Gorge Wyoming

June 17 – June 19, 2011 – we camped in Fire Hole Campground in the Flaming Gorge, Wyoming region. The campsite was totally deserted when we arrived a little before 2 PM. It didn’t stay that way long and we heard people coming and going quite late.  After getting settled we took a walk and were rewarded by seeing some mule deer come down for a late day drink.

The Females led the way - easing out of the water cut gulch into the better browse.

The young male quickly followed - taking advantage of the spring browse - note winter coat - it's June!

One of the nice features of Flaming Gorge is that the Green River is dammed up so we were able to put the canoe into some “real” water – last time it was Brantley Lake back in March. Brantley Lake should be named “Brantley Soup”.  The water is green, particulate and light penetrates the surface no more than a foot – and that’s generous!  Flaming Gorge was much cleaner but still not up to “Maine” standards! It was still fun to get out on the “lake” even though it’s a haven for jet skis and motor boats, they were very courteous and we enjoyed the paddle.

Ah! At last some open water to work our shoulders and backs!

We heard these bovine bellowing like they were giving birth from across the swollen by dam Green, but when we approached, they had little to say.

That afternoon after driving a few miles up and down the gorge, we decided to climb an unnamed hill – we’re calling it “Fire Hole Hill” – it was pretty significant – we didn’t have any GPS or anything but we guess the round trip to be around 3 miles with a vertical assent of 600’-800’ (that’s a real guess!). Ric wasn’t sure Linda was going to want to do the whole thing as she was still recovering from the fall she took while examining the conglomerate that constitutes all those central Utah hills, so he “charged” right up to the top – looking back, Linda was a spec but obviously had made the first rise, which next to the last, was the steepest.  Thinking that this would be an ideal spot for a geo-cache, Ric looked around, hoping to find one, despite lacking GPS or phone pointer app, however had no luck. After about 20-30 minutes he turned to go down to meet Linda – well – what do you know!  She was only a little more than a ¼ mile away and still coming. We climbed the last bit together and Linda agreed that it was an ideal site for a geo-cache – so we started to look again and within a minute found the marshmallow fluff size jar under a rock, under a juniper dead fall. According to the log we were the first people since mid June 2009 to have found this spot!

Enjoying the view from the top - truley a 360 degree fest for the eyes!

Although her features aren't visible here - you can make out Linda as she assends toward the summit of what we are calling "Fire Hole Hill". If you have microscopic vision, you can make out the car - about a mile + behind her!

On intuition and eyeballs we were able to find the "Fire Hole Hill" geo-cache!

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