Western Slope Vietnam Veteran’s Monument

June 12, 2011 – while driving about and exploring the Colorado (town of Fruita) side of the Colorado National Monument which straddles the Colorado/Utah border Linda found  the Western Slopes Vietnam Veterans Monument as a Geo Cache – well, Ric certainly could not let that pass unviewed.  A beautiful spot and they did almost as excellent a job with their monument as the Worcester, MA based Vietnam Veterans for the Community have done with the state monument at Greenhill Park in Worcester MA.  These folks didn’t have the space but made excellent use of the space they had!

Never saw a model of our Ribbon before - well done!

The chopper attitude looks right for being in a hurry!


While looking for Geo Caches - Linda found mention of this monument - maybe there should be a geocache at the Worcester Monument to encourage even more visitorship?

Despite the appearance of action with the helicopter taking off, this place was peaceful - easy to get too off Rte 70 too!

Just to the left of the Vietnam Service Ribbon is this American Flag model with the area casualty role displayed underneath.


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