Entering UTAH!

June 6, 2011 – 140 mile day – work, work, work – hey somebody has to do it!  We departed Navaho National Monument just as we got news that a 300 + square mile area of Eastern Arizona was burning and 50 MPH winds (out of the East!) were expected. We could see and smell smoke as we traveled Rte 160 and picked up 163 in Kayenta, AZ heading North East to hook up with 191 in Utah. The winds picked up as advertized, but as we came into Monument Valley on the Utah/AZ border, they seemed to be more from the West and produced enough dust to dim the view. We’ll be sleeping at Devil’s Canyon National Park for a couple of nights, while we visit Natural Bridges National Park, then we’ll go on to Canyonlands and Arches National Parks. Here are the pictures from the drive:

It was kind of a boring drive - NOT!!

We could have seen more but for the blowing dust!

Just outside of Mexican Hat, Utah, this feature known as "Hat Rock" stands - impossibly!

One of the first Monuments we saw on crossing the border – it doesn’t look that happy to see us.

The "Navaho Twins" overlook a home business and supervise the local rock slides.

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