April/May 2011

Life continues to be exciting here in New Mexico. Our time left here is short so we are making the most of it!  Linda will be leaving on 5/10 to fly to be with Lyric for a couple of weeks before we start the long  journey to – where were we going? – don’t know – Alaska. We have made many friends and had the opportunity to contribute a bit along the way. It’s been very dry here in South Western New Mexico and despite fire bans there are a few very large and destructive fires – over in the Gila there’s a 16,000 acre one and in the Organ Mts near White Sands there is another several thousand acre size blaze.  Last night as we were readying for bed, Linda  noticed that there was a camp fire going over in the primitive site area here at RockHound. The winds were starting to kick so Ric did something very uncharacteristic, as he believes in live and let live; he went down and informed the camp host, Charles, and he went and made them put it out.

So – Linda taught a Pine Needle Basket making class for the Deming Gem and Mineral Society.  There were 11 folks that attended and Ric helped.  The first thing we did was to collect the raw materials – your basic Ponderosa Pine needles. We went to the Gila National Forest – near Lake Roberts to do our gathering.  Right at the edge of the forest we saw a small group of Javalina – it was a terrific day and as we were near the only Lake within a long, long way we got to see lots of ducks, including cute Ruddy Ducks, which hadn’t seen in a long time. It seemed like all the folks taking the class really enjoyed it and

These guys moved a lot faster than we would have thought, having only viewed them in captivity before!

some really terrific baskets were started. Even Ric managed to

get the bottom of a pretty good basket started – it remains to be seen if he has the attention span to complete the project!

The pictures of the class were taken a little late so some people had already had to leave – but you get the general idea.

Concentration is evident as this lady weaves her pine needles!

Lin gives some individual attention regarding a finer point.

Ric continues to act as a shop leader and sawyer for DGMS as well, but it hasn’t been all work and no play.

A nice long hike into Spring Canyon, which is part of Rockhound State Park, enabled us to see Ibex in the wild. The herd we saw was comprised of about 20 animals. They were originally donated to the US by the Shaw of Iran in the ’70’s and have thrived, tripling their numbers since that time.

This rugged landscape is perfect for the Ibex - a true mountain goat. Linda does pretty good, too!

We actually saw (too far for a picture) Ibex nonchalantly scaling walls like this as if it were flat terrain!

Earlier in the month, while at City of Rocks, we made friends with a family of ravens,  we kept water out and left cat food out every day to help the young ones get a good start!

We got to view ourselves in a different spectra at the solar observatory - in this case infrared - Lin still looks better!

Linda’s class trip was great fun – Ric got to go – with a tour of the Space History Museum in Alamagordo, the National Solar Observatory and the Apache Observatory and Tom Krajci’s photometry array in Cloudcroft.  It was a long but worthwhile day!

More soon!  To all our family and friends – remember –


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