Pony Hills Petroglyphs Explore

On Saturday we made it out to the Pony Hills Rock Art Site. This is an amazing collection of Mimbres culture rock art dating back to either 600 to 1200 A.D. or from 900 to 1150 A.D., depending on the source.

Ric at Pony Hills

Ric Peers up Through Cave Crevice at Pony Hills

We went there specifically to find a petroglyph that relates to an astronomical event. This image is often called “white coyote going across the sky” and is interpreted as a warning sign of impending doom. It it also interpreted (wrongly, I believe) as an image of a meteor. I’ll be writing a paper on that for my astronomy class. Here is the image:

White Coyote Going Across the Sky

White Coyote Going Across the Sky

Most of the rock art drawings here are inscribed by the artist by scraping through the desert varnish coating on the rocks to reveal the lighter colored rock layer beneath. We took over one hundred photos of the images we found. Here are a few of my favorites:

Rattlesnake Rock Art

Rattlesnake Rock Art Image at the Pony Hills Site

Rock Art Vessel?

Pony Hills Rock Art

Spirit Image at Poy Hills

Spirit Image at Pony Hills

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