M.T. get his tires dirty.

Today – the day after the snowstorm (only a couple of inches but felt very “Maine like’) with all the snow on the ground and any rock hounding – if possible – would be very difficult, we decided to head to Portales, NM to pick up Ric’s ukulele – a Christmas gift from Linda, which Lyic forwarded “general delivery” to the Portales Post Office. Well – Portales is about 100 miles from Bottomless Lakes where we are camped – if you stay on the paved roads – by going dirt roads cross country we could basicly shorten our trip by 2 sides of an equilateral triangle – it looked easy on the map.

What a lot of fun for the truck - who really likes mud.

After A Day on the Wet Desert

Folks around here don’t deal all that well with snow – we saw no one – just tracks on the back roads. On the main roads we kept overtaking people (though there were very few out) who felt that snow on the posted 70 MPH road surface meant they should go 30 MPH. Despite that there  quite a few cars into the median and out in the “pucker brush”.

Over all a fun trip and the end result was great!Big Trouble - looks better than it sounds!

Now the tough part begins – how to keep Linda happy through the painful process of learning a new instrument!


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3 responses to “M.T. get his tires dirty.

  1. Wholly Makala!!!! That was terrific! We watched about 4 of his vids after that one! By contrast, I learned (until I forget) to tune my Bari, play D, D7 & A chords and my fingers hurt. Thanks for showing me what’s possible sweetie – that was awesome! Have you started learning “Waltzing Matilda” yet?

    BTW – I washed M.T. today – but tomorrow we’re back out to the desert along the Pecos River where he can gather some more serious dust.

    Say Hi to Anthony – oh yeah – we finished your pasta & sauce the other night – it improved (couldn’t even believe it was possible) with age!

  2. cory

    I found the tabs for WM here:

    I have some of the chords down already…now to learn the rest and put them in order.

    Ant says hi back. Glad you liked the sauce. It’s evolving still- hopefully the next batch that gets canned will be even better.

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